Commitment in relationships

Commitment in relationships

What does that mean? Being committed means different things to different people. For me now being committed is more than being honest and faithful as well as those things it’s about the commitment to work on the relationship.

1. Learn about relationships to allow growth and understanding

2. Be present in the interactions and not live day to day on autopilot

3. Stop to appreciate- not by your standards but appreciate what someone has done for you by the measure of them giving

4. Be open- knowing that we are all far from perfect it’s okay to hear what something is for the other and not take it personally. There’s lessons in understanding for both parties

5. Never go to bed without saying sorry and I love you

In all honestly I could go on all day. Being committed is easy to say when it’s all happy and easy but what about when it’s hard and confusing. What do you do then, will you run and cover your eyes so you don’t see what is around you. Do you blame others. Part of commitment is being able to communicate and listen to both parties. No ones pain is worth more attention, no ones view is better than the other it’s just different being committed means you understand that and willing to gain understanding though the good and bad times because of the commitment you made.

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